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Space Marines - Ultramarines - Captain Uriel Ventris

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Every Space Marine captain is a veteran of hundreds of battles, well versed in every aspect of war and the dictates of the Codex Astartes, Uriel Ventris is no exception. He ascended to leadership of the Ultramarines Fourth Company following the death of his mentor Idaeus in the short story ‘Chains of Command’. 

Ventris’ first mission as captain – in the novel Nightbringer – saw him face Drukhari raiders on the world of Pavonis, where a shard of the ancient evil known as the Nightbringer was unleashed upon the galaxy after aeons of imprisonment. The sequel, Warriors of Ultramar, pitted him against the Tyranids as they devoured a planet. Defying the Codex Astartes and calling upon unorthodox tactics to prevail, Ventris faced censure on his return to Macragge and was exiled from the Chapter.

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