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Knight Armigers (All Variants)

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*Note, these models can be assembled as either Imperial Knight Armigers or Chaos Knight War Dogs*

These do not come with the Horus Heresy transfer sheet

This multipart plastic kit builds two Armiger-class Knights – either Armiger Warglaives or Armiger Helverins. Armiger Helverins are a close-ranged Lords of War choice that can provide deadly melee support to your Imperial Knights army – or be taken as a wandering Freeblade squadron for other Imperium forces. Armed with a tank-melting thermal spear, infantry-shredding reaper chain-cleaver, and your choice of a carapace-mounted heavy stubber or meltagun, each Armiger Warglaive can be further customised with a variety of articulated poses, armour plating, and six unique faceplates, with large carapaces making for a perfect painting project. This kit can also be assembled as a pair of War Dog Executioners or War Dog Huntsmen for Chaos Knights armies.

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