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Galadhrim™ Elf Commanders [Mail Order Only]

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The armies of the Galadhrim are led by veteran Captains – expert warriors who have been part of many battles throughout their immortal lives. Defending the Golden Wood from Sauron's forces, these captains use their vast experience to fight with exceptional skill, felling enemy warriors with quick strikes from their blades or superbly aimed arrows.

The Golden Wood is defended first and foremost by the warriors of the Galadhrim, steadfast soldiers who have honed their skills in combat across many wars throughout the ages. Like all Elves, the Galadhrim are skilled with blade, spear, and bow. Tasked with the protection of Lothlórien, these warriors will give their lives in defence, for should it fall, Middle-earth would surely follow.

Lead and supplement your force of Wood Elves with this flexible combination of armoured Heroes and Warriors. Galadhrim Captains make superb warband leaders, while including a banner will help to give your highly skilled Wood Elf Warriors the edge once combat is joined in earnest, and the clarion call of a war horn will inspire them to stand their ground.

This set contains four Galadhrim Elf Commanders: 1x Galadhrim Captain with Elven-made hand-and-a-half sword (metal), 1x Galadhrim Captain with Elf bow (metal), 1x Galadhrim Warrior with banner (metal), and 1x Galadhrim Warrior with war horn and Elf bow (resin). Each model is supplied with an appropriate base.

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