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Cryptic Cabin - Drybrushes

Original price £20.00 - Original price £25.00
Original price
£20.00 - £25.00
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We've brought our painting experience, material expertise and yearning for something better to something every hobbyist needs in their arsenal.

Introducing - The Cryptic Cabin Drybrushes

Over the years we've tried dry brushes from every company, event, shop and make-up bag. Now we've made our own.

The G.O.A.T - £25

A natural goat hair drybrush set, with fantastic springiness, paint retention and versatile moisture abilities. Expect nothing but the best.


A perfect synthetic build, nylon fibres cut to the best length for dry brushing, with naturally finishing tips that hold their shape for even the most demanding jobs.


We are looking to upset the applecart with these brushes, not only are they (in our opinion) some of the best drybrushes to hit the market, but we also will NOT be beaten on their price.

The Cryptic Cabin Drybrushes will always be priced fairly, at less than half the price of other comparable brushes, that includes a case for every set that you purchase.

Now, with that said, lets get to slap-chopping some models.

Pickup available at Cryptic Cabin Store

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5+ in stock, ready to be shipped