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Conquest - Hundred Kingdoms: 1 Player Starter Set

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A robust 1 player starter ready to play a game of First Blood or The Last Argument of Kings. Each starter set will a very thorough First Blood army as well as a great beginning set to play a game of Last Argument of Kings. A great value for players, a substantial discount over the prices if purchased separately. How do the Hundred Kingdoms play? The Hundred Kingdoms cannot claim to have the best troops, but they have damn good troops and they tend to have more of them. Their cavalry is second to none and the intrinsic flexibility of the human mindset means your opponent cannot be certain what he will face: A veteran force of hard bitten infantry supported by powerful casters? A thundering charge led by an impetuous lord that bets everything on the speed of horse and strength of arms? OR The canny and disciplined combined arms approach of a shrewd imperial officer who leverages each of these pieces into a sum greater than the whole?


  • 31x Miniatures
    • 12x Men at Arms
    • 12x Household Guards
    • 3x Household Knights
    • 3x Mounted Squires
    • 1x Mounted Noble Lord
  • 2x Rulebooks
  • Assermbly Manuals
  • Path of Conquest Brochures
  • Accessories

Please Note:

  • Miniatures are supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

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