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Conquest - City States: Phalangites

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Kingdoms were being born in a wave of desperate refugees, violence and hunger, the City States were flourishing, picking through the greatest secrets of the old Dominion and delving into the secrets of archemy and divinity. Today they are the greatest repositories of knowledge and the inheritors of the glory that was once the Old Dominion of Man.

At least that is what the Locutors of the City States would have one believe.

After decades of repression and warfare, it should come as little surprise that almost half the city states rebelled against their own councils, particularly among those cities where the damage from the failed transference was the greatest. Some of these rebellious cities imploded spectacularly, their citizens fleeing north to the Hundred Kingdoms or finding refuge in other, more successful, City States. Those Cities that endured fall within two broad categories: those that fell under the sway of demagogues and the plague of democracy and those that fell under the iron fisted control of their patron gods unleashed.

Today, that is how the City States stand: split among the Demagogue, Militarist and Academic Councils, squandering their glorious heritage and advanced technology challenging each other and any who might threaten them for supremacy.


  • 12x Plastic Miniatures that can make Hoplites or Phalangites
  • 1x Set of Infantry Bases
  • 2x Command Cards

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