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Cryptic Cabin Chronicles

Cryptic Cabin Chronicles

This week the boys at our new Cryptic Cabin store in Wokingham began building brand new wargaming tables in anticipation of the grand opening of the store. The hope is that the wargaming tables will bring customers from across Berkshire including places like Reading, Bracknell and Wokingham. As well as the wargaming tables they will have access to the latest Games Workshop products such as the Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar and a full range of Citadel Paints.
The store will contain four 6x4 tables with several different terrains available to play on for all the different varieties of war games. There will also be a paint station for anybody interested in relaxing in-store and painting their models. Our new wargaming tables aim to be of the highest quality so that all gamers from around the county of Berkshire can get the best out of their games.
The store consists of two floors and this week we decided to have a reshuffle so that our wargaming customers can get the most out of our store. We started by moving our office area downstairs so that we could better utilise the large upstairs attic space and turn it into an area the wargaming community could hang out, relax and play some of their favourite games.
The shop floor also took on a new look this week as we expanded into the second half of the downstairs area. As we intend to expand into as many wargaming products as possible such as the full Games Workshop collection, Bolt Action, Star Wars Legion and beyond, we knew we had to make better use of the downstairs space. We now have much more space to be able to stack racks of all the Wargaming communities favourite games.
Last week Games Workshop went live with a set of pre-order items which included the Daughters of Khaine and Hedonites of Slaanesh. Our customers showed and interest in particular to the Daughters of Khaine and so we liaised with our Games Workshop Rep and ordered in a few extra items. As well as this, we did our monthly stock check with Games Workshop and although we are constantly restocking our shelves this has to be one of the largest orders we have ever had come our way. As of this Friday, the shelves will be packed full of Tau Empire, Orks and Space Marines.
As a team, we are looking forward to getting the Cryptic Cabin open so that we can begin this journey with the Wargaming community.
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